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By Paul K. Davis

Many army teams through the international have excelled of their craft both by means of fortuitous situations, notable management, or severe education. This quantity surveys the devices and populations from precedent days to the overdue Nineties that experience come to ancient prominence through struggle. each one access within the A-Z series starts off with a short creation and describes the origins of the struggling with team, roles of significant leaders in association and command, concepts in method and strategies, conquests and accomplishments, situations of decline or disbanding, and results of destiny conflict and agencies. Entries contain such headings as Assyrians, Boers, Huns, jap warrior monks, Mongols, paratroopers, Rangers, tough Riders, and Viet Cong.

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The war ended on January 9, 1949, and soon after King Abdullah 21 Army of Northern Virginia renamed his nation the Arab Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This kingdom also then severed its ties with Britain in its newfound sense of independence. Glubb returned with his legion to police the frontier, but when Abdullah was assassinated and a demand came from Jordanians to remove any British influences, the new king, Hussein, fired Glubb. Glubb, the mastermind of this great force, now had to retire to Britain, where he was knighted and devoted his life to study.

The Ashanti tried again in 1900 but another defeat broke their power for good. In 1902 the British proclaimed all Ashanti lands to be under their control, included in the jurisdiction of the governor of the Gold Coast. Their contacts with Muslims and Europeans for centuries through the gold trade had given the Ashanti enough superior weaponry to dominate their tribal neighbors, but in the face of European arms, they could not stand. The Ashanti have been described as being an African version of the Prussians of nineteenth-century Europe in that they practiced universal military training and fielded a disciplined force that used the terrain and their num- 29 Assyrians bers wisely.

The berserkers may have belonged to a cult of Odin, whose practices and spells would have been revealed only to initiates. Emperor Constantine VII of Byzantium, who employed Vikings in his Varangian Guard, noted a dance his men engaged in while wearing animal skins. This could indicate the performance of cultish rites. Such a dance is also recorded in artwork on Swedish helmets, scabbards, and bracelets. A newly accepted member of the cult is sometimes described as having to undergo an initiation into a warrior band whereby he has to fight a bear.

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