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By Mary Katharine Ham

Of the main recognizable and influential younger conservatives within the American media at the present time tackle the "Outrage Industry," revealing how the Left exploits wedge matters and faux outrage to silence their political rivals, aiding readers to chop throughout the noise and locate their voices back.

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Let’s try this thought experiment: Please tell us what’s offensive about the phrase “binders full of women,” employed by Republican nominee Mitt Romney in an October 2012 presidential debate. As a refresher, Romney was touting his documented track record of hiring women to high-ranking positions when he uttered the offending phrase. He explained that he used binders filled with qualified women’s résumés for his gubernatorial cabinet after his first round of recruitment was male dominated. ” Seriously, tell us what is offensive about that.

Sometimes people do say things that are beyond the pale. Sometimes people do need to lose their jobs. But in the vast majority of cases, the appropriate response to opinions that offend or annoy is to offer more speech—rebuttals, refutations, counter-arguments, and expressions of disagreement. “I’LL DEFEND TO THE DEATH YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT…” According to the Internet, which is unfailingly accurate, the oft-invoked axiom “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” is credited to Voltaire.

Media circuses and “things” may appear chaotic to the untrained eye, but they’re often intricately choreographed events, led by designated ringmasters. In the political realm, a network of well-trained operatives, nonprofits, special interests, PR firms, universities, “thought leaders,” and the media stand at the ready to manufacture and amplify fury over pretty much anything, or nothing at all. One of the most useful things about employing the entirely subjective “offense” of the listener to draw the limits of acceptable speech is that literally anything can be offensive to someone.

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