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Los angeles Biblia NVI de estudio arqueológico arroja nueva luz a los angeles Biblia. Desde el principio de Génesis hasta el fin de Apocalipsis, esta nueva Biblia de estudio está llena de artículos informativos y fotografías a todo colour de lugares y objetos que abrirán sus ojos al contexto histórico de los relatos que usted lee y de las personas que encuentra en las Escrituras. Características claves incluyen: Más de 800 notas de estudio destacando temas históricos, arqueológicos y culturales. Más de 500 artículos que cubren cinco categorías diferentes: Sitios arqueológicos; Notas culturales e históricas; Personas, tierras y gobernantes antiguos; los angeles confiabilidad de los angeles Biblia; Texto y artefactos antiguos. Casi 500 fotografías a todo colour, dentro del texto. DC-ROM de bono: texto buscable de los angeles NVI y muchas de las fotografías y mapas incluidos en los angeles Biblia. inside a todo colour.

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In an Elephantine papyrus, the plural form occurs in reference to officers or treasurers responsible for the payment of salaries (Bresciani 1960: 13-14). Thus, this title seems to designate a person who has been appointed to oversee the interests of the government and could be applied to a range of specific assignments; it was not limited to a governor. In the current situation, it is unlikely that Elnatan, Zerubbabel’s son-in-law, would have succeeded him as governor rather than one of his two sons, Meshullam or Hananiah.

Talmon 1976: 325; Lemaire 1977: 130; Meyers 1985: 33*-34*; Williamson1988: 75-76; Laperoussaz 1989: 61). Figure 4. Seal of Shelomit N. Avigad, Bullae and Seals from a Post-Exilic Judean Archive (Qedem, 5; Jerusalem: The Insitute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1976): 11. Reproduced by kind permission of the Israel Exploration Society. It would have been logical for the daughter of the governor, and a Davidic descendant as well, to have been married off to an influential member of the community.

During his term in office, there was a reported registration of the representatives of the chief Levitical families (Neh. 22-26), whose names were said to have been recorded in the book of Chronicles. 23). Yet, interestingly, the ensuing list of names is said to date to a registration that had been conducted under Eliashiv’s father, Yoiakim, not under Eliashiv, and this registration is then also placed during the administration of Nehemiah the governor (and Ezra the scribe) (Neh. 26). While Shereviah has continued in office, Kadmiel has been replaced by his son 1.

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