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By George Peter Murdock

The Ethnographic Atlas is a database on 1167 societies coded by means of George P. Murdock and released in 29 successive installments within the magazine ETHNOLOGY, 1962-1980. It provides ethnographic codes and geographical coordinates yet no real maps (maps have been later extra via the area Cultures digital journal's MAPTAB application, through Douglas R. White, besides an digital model of the codes and the codebooks). A precis quantity of the Atlas used to be released by way of the collage of Pittsburgh Press in 1967. It contained the information on 862 of the better-described societies in every one of 412 cultural clusters of the realm. Murdock released a brand new version with Pittsburgh Press in 1980 titled ATLAS of global CULTURES, and integrated 563 of the better-described societies within the atlas, categorized in one hundred fifty extra linguistically-based clusters. [Douglas White @ Eclectic Anthropology Server]

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Others: Bondo (Egi2), Koya (Egii). * Indian Hunters and Gatherers Chenchu (Egi). L: 16N, 79E. T: 1940. P: 3,280 in 1941. B: I, 128. Comment- Column 50: Rafts only. 779; Southeast India Telugu (Egio), with special reference to the village of Shamirpet. L: 18N, 79E. T: 1950. B: IV, 250. Coorg (Eg5). L: 12N, 76E. T: 1930. P: 40,000 in 1936. B: I, 397. Comment Column 14: But formerly Eo. Tamil (Eg2), with special reference to the agricultural castes in Tanjore, L: iiN, 79E. T: 1880. P: 3,000,000 in Tanjore in 1950.

T: 1850. B: III, 1890. B: bly Q; I, 399. Column 25: "there 281: Maritime Algon/^ians Micmac (Na4i). L: 47N, Comment— Column possibly Q. reference to those But i 1700. P: of Albany Comment— Column 112. were no marriage 65W. T: 36: L: 58N, 70W. " More dian 3,000 in 1609. B: III, 113. today. Others: Penobscot (Ng4). 2S2: Ojibiva Chippewa (Na36), with special reference to the Red Lake and White Earth bands. L: 49N, 96W. T: i860. B: III, 113. Comment Column 48: But pottery was made prior to the mid-nineteenth century.

3//; Northern Plateau Chilcotin (Nd8), with special reference to the Alexis Creek and Redstone bands. L: 52N, 122W. T: 1880. P: 600 in the 1840s. B: III, 211. Comment— Column 44: But bands influenced by the Coast Salish did some weaving. Shuswap (Ndii), with special reference to the Southeastern Shuswap. L: 51N, 120W. T: 1850. B: III, 211. Comment— Column 78: Division among close CGRCG, EGRGB, relatives, including cousins; Column 85: Also RSRGM. CLASSIFICATION BY CLUSTERS Lillooet (Ndg). L: 50N, 125W.

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