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Crassicaudatus crassicaudatus. Breeding experiments in the author's laboratory demon­ strated that a female G. crassicaudatus kikuyuensis, positively identified 28 JOHN BUETTNER-JANUSCH FIG. 11a. Galago crassicaudatus FIG. l i b . GaLago crassicaudatus triplets born in author's laboratory. crassicaudatus, argentatus, female infant, 3 weeks old. female infant 4 weeks old, one 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PRIMATES 29 FIG. 12a. Galago crassicaudatus crassicaudatus, adult female with 10-day-old female infant.

It is unfortunate that the fossil record has few examples that bear upon this problem. The Lorisiformes present a number of problems in classification. It is not clear why Arctocebus and Perodicticus should be separated at the generic rather than the specific level. The fact that these are both rela­ tively slow moving, arboreal, nocturnal forms that occur in a number of populations isolated from each other by intervening geographical barriers may have given impetus to extreme splitting tendencies by naturalists and others who reported finding these animals.

Geoffroy 1812) Milius's dwarf lemur crossleyi (A. Grandidier 1870) Crossley's mouse lemur melanotis (Forsyth-Major 1894) Black-eared mouse lemur sibreei (Forsyth-Major 1896) Sibree's mouse lemur 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PRIMATES 41 medius ( E . Geoffroy 1812) . Fat-tailed lemur medius ( E . Geoffroy 1812) Eastern fat-tailed lemur samati (A. Grandidier 1868) Samat's fat-tailed lemur trichotis (Günther 1875) Hairy-eared dwarf lemur Microcebus (I. Geoffroy 1828) Mouse lemur coquereli (A. Grandidier 1867) Coquerel's mouse lemur murinus ( J .

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