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By Maureen A. O’Malley (auth.), Orkun S. Soyer (eds.)

The publication goals to introduce the reader to the rising box of Evolutionary platforms Biology, which methods classical platforms biology questions inside an evolutionary framework. An evolutionary procedure may well permit knowing the importance of saw variety, discover “evolutionary layout ideas” and expand predictions made in version organisms to others. moreover, evolutionary structures biology can generate new insights into the adaptive panorama via combining molecular structures biology types and evolutionary simulations. This perception can let the improvement of extra designated mechanistic evolutionary hypotheses.

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Wang Y, Franzosa EA, Zhang Y-S, Xia Y (2010) Protein evolution in yeast transcription factor subnetworks. Nucleic Acids Res 38:5959–5969 72. Wang Z. 2010. Evolutionary systems biology. com/34/29/3429306 73. Zera AJ (2011) Microevolution of intermediary metabolism: evolutionary genetics meets metabolic biochemistry. J Exper Biol 214:179–190 74. Foster KR (2011) The sociobiology of molecular systems. Nat Rev Genet 12:193–203 75. Huvet M, Toni T, Sheng X, Thorne T, Jovanovic G, Engle C, Buck M, Pinney JW, Stumpf MPH (2010) The evolution of the phage shock protein response system: interplay between protein function, genomic organization, and system function.

A ratio of Ka /Ks that exceeds 1 indicates beneficial functional changes in a protein. Unfortunately, without detailed and laborious biochemical analyses it can be difficult to understand why a change is beneficial. In general, only a minority of genes is subject to positive selection at any one time. In the genus Drosophila, for example, fewer than 10% of enzyme-coding genes appear to be under positive selection [47]. In many of these genes, the reason for their functional change has not been characterized, but exceptions exist.

Coli, which lives inside the cells of aphids [65, 66]. Buchnera provides its host with essential amino acids in an association that has persisted for many million years [66]. During this time the genome of Buchnera has lost many genes, and its metabolic network has lost many chemical reactions [67]. For example, while the metabolic network of E. coli has more than 900 reactions [68], that of Buchnera has merely 263 metabolic reactions [67]. E. coli is a metabolic generalist whose metabolic network can sustain life on dozens of different carbon sources in otherwise minimal chemical environments.

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