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By Timothy Edwards

The previous, the hot and the Rewritten illustrates how Targum Psalms creatively translates chosen psalms and the way these interpretations relate to different Jewish and Christian traditions, together with early translations of the psalms, rabbinic Midrashim, the hot testomony and early Church Fathers. The learn of those Psalms indicates viewing Targum Psalms as an artistic companion on this planet of biblical interpretation, in preference to a compilation of already latest midrashic fabric. Edwards portrays the Targum as a hyperlink among the written and oral Torah that leads its readers on a route to culture.

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Care is needed in discussing issues of dependence and relationship. 97 With regards the relationship between the Targumim and Midrashim, it has been a scholarly commonplace to consistently attribute precedence to the Midrashim. However, each text and tradition being compared must be analysed without prior assumptions giving preference to one ‘genre’ over another. At the same time, one must be aware that the biblical text itself can provide the impetus for similar traditions: one cannot assume that such similarity indicates contact or dependence.

Thus one is faced with the need to date traditions within each Targum as well as the corpus as a whole. 41 For such dating to proceed on a stable footing one must consider linguistic, 42 and exegetical issues alongside external evidence. 43 Such a stance assumes (justifiably) that the Targumim as we have them today resemble an archaeological tell, and thus need careful excavation to expose the various layers. Ps. the situation is no different. One can trace early traditions, 45 as well as uncover later additions to the text, and in- A.

133–144. 80 M. 153–157. 81 W. Smelik and M. Smelik, “Twin Targums: Psalm 18 and 2 Samuel 22,” in A. Rappoport-Albert and G. 244–281. htm. 29) to this translation that includes some discussion on specific aspects of language and exegesis, “The Psalms Targum,” (2002). 56. E. M. Cook “The Psalms Targum” mistakenly mentions two translations in preparation, D. Stec’s and K. Cathcart’s. In fact D. Stec produced a translation for the Aramaic Bible series of which Cathcart is the editor. edu/ 85 M. ), ‫ מקראות גדולות הכתר‬Jerusalem, Bar Ilan University, 2003.

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