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By Phyllis J. Perry

Targeting animals, this source is helping educators construct studying around the curriculum. It includes 4 sections - animals as pets, animals at the farm, animals within the woods and animals within the wild. each one part lists subject-specific fiction and nonfiction fabrics.

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Mrs. Peachtree puts on her raincoat and goes out into the storm to search for the cat. She cannot find it that evening and goes looking again the next morning, but no one has seen the cat. Mrs. Peachtree thinks that the cat is gone, but soon it appears again with the mailman. Mrs. Peachtree decides she does have a cat after all, and names the cat Shadow. Discussion Starters and Multidisciplinary Activities 1 Mrs. " Ask students if they think Mrs. Peachtree really wanted the cat to stay or go away.

Peachtree really wanted the cat to stay or go away. Have students list things Mrs. Peachtree did in the story that supports their opinions. 2 Twice when it gets inside the tea shop, the cat knocks things down. But it also catches a mouse. Ask students to discuss whether they think having a cat in a shop would be a bother or a help. 3 Ask students who have read the book what they think will happen next. Will Mrs. Peachtree continue to put out food for the cat, or will she bring the cat into the store and let it stay inside like a pet?

6 On page 92, Brad shakes Charlie hard. We learn about Brad's feelings after this incident, but not about Charlie's. Have students write a page or two describing this incident from Charlie's viewpoint. Page 12 Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor New York: Atheneum, 1991. 144p. Fiction Eleven-year-old Marty, who lives in the country in West Virginia with his parents and two young sisters, tells this story. It will be enjoyed by fourth- and fifth-grade readers. Marty loves animals but his family has little money and certainly no extra funds to buy or feed pets.

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