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Impressive Encounters: An Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherworldly Beings is the first-ever illustrated A-to-Z encyclopedia to discover those attention-grabbing modern day ideals, personalities, beings, and occasions. an awesome amalgam of people faith, people technology, popular culture, and delusion, this offbeat encyclopedia will intrigue, excite, and scare the wits out of readers of every age.

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Empress of Eternity

Within the a ways destiny, an indestructible and large canal greater than 2,000 miles lengthy spans the mid-continent of Earth. not anything can mar it, circulate it, or impact it in any style. At its western finish, the place it meets the ocean, is an both indestructible constitution comprising 3 degrees of possible empty chambers.

Senator Sam Ervin, Last of the Founding Fathers (Caravan Book)

Many american citizens be mindful Senator Sam Ervin (1896-1985) because the affable, Bible-quoting, previous kingdom attorney who chaired the Senate Watergate hearings in 1973. but for many of his twenty years within the Senate, Ervin used to be Jim Crow's so much gifted criminal defender because the South's constitutional professional through the congressional debates on civil rights.

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She asked Gaynor for her assistance in directing an energy being back to its proper residence. Gaynor, her brother Darren, and her parents walked to a field and meditated until they sensed that the intruder was gone. On the night of September 14, Arna and Parz appeared and took Gaynor into their spacecraft. Besides the couple she knew, there were three others. One looked so close to being purely human that Gaynor wondered if the young woman, who looked to be about nineteen years of age, was some kind of hybrid.

Investigators also learned of Turner’s reputation for yarn-spinning. Further Reading Hendry, Allan, 1980. “Abducted! ” Frontiers of Science 2, 4 (July/August): 25–31, 36. Whiting, Fred, 1980. ” MUFON UFO Journal 145 (March): 3–7. Alyn “Alyn” is the name Constance Weber, who wrote under the name Marla Baxter, gives Howard Menger in her book My Saturnian Lover (1958). Weber/Baxter relates that after being widowed, she devoted herself to an interest in flying saucers. ” Alyn eventually reveals his secret to her: “I am not of this world!

One visitor from Nibiru, Enki, reportedly saved the human race. When a hostile alien, Enlil, tried to keep the Anunnaki from warning humans that the passing near Earth of Nibiru would cause an immense tidal wave, which would sweep over Earth and destroy its inhabitants, Enki resisted. He told Noah, of biblical fame, about the coming deluge, and Noah set to work on his ark, thus ensuring the survival of earthly life. The Anunnaki supposedly live a very long time because one year to them is the number of earthly years it takes their planet to go around the sun.

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