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By Joseph Blenkinsopp

Joseph Blenkinsopp's observation at the e-book of Ezekiel is a part of the translation sequence, a suite of full-length commentaries written particularly in case you interpret the Bible via instructing and preaching within the church.

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The goal has been to allow writers to develop the format which provides for the best presentation of their interpretation. The result, writers and editors hope, is a commentary which both explains and applies, an interpretation which deals with both the meaning and the significance of biblical texts. Each commentary reflects, of course, the writer's own approach and perception of the church and world. It could and should not be otherwise. Every interpretation of any kind is individual in that sense; it is one reading of the text.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927 Ezekiel / Joseph Blenkinsopp. 1st ed. p. cm. (Interpretation, a Bible commentary for teaching and preaching) Includes bibliographical references.  Series. 407dc20 89-15565 CIP © copyright John Knox Press 1990 10 9 8 7 6 5 Printed in the United States of America Louisville, Kentucky Page vii CONTENTS Introduction 1 Reading a Prophetic Book 1 Reading Ezekiel 3 The Prophet Himself 8 The Historical Context of Ezekiel's Message 9 Commentary Part One Ezekiel's Prophetic Call 15 Ezekiel 13 1:1-3 The Title 15 1:4-28 The Throne Vision 17 2:13:15 Prophetic Commissioning 23 3:16-21 The Prophet as Sentry 28 3:22-27 Ezekiel's Loss of Speech 31 Part Two The Fall of the House of Judah 33 Ezekiel 45 Prophetic Theater of the Absurd 33 4:1-8 Act I: Jerusalem Besieged 34 4:9-17 Act II: Siege Rations 37 5:1-4 Act III: The Results of the Siege 38 5:5-17 This Is Jerusalem!

They did not set out to write a book but to persuade by the spoken word. Sooner or later a prophet's sayings, which may have been repeated to several different audiences with appropriate modifications, were written down either by the prophet himself or, more commonly, by a disciple. Collections of such sayings would be made, arranged according to subject matter, theme, stylistic characteristics, or catchword, circulated among the prophet's adherents, and eventually incorporated into the larger prophetic collection.

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