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By Lorrie Fair, Mark Gola

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You’re testing the other team, attempting to weather the emotional storm that unravels in the early goings. But you’re also trying to test the referee. The first tackle you make, you always want to stick really hard. If you get called for a foul, that’s okay. You want to set a high standard for a foul. If the ref does not call it, then you know you can get away with playing extremely physical. Factor that into your play for the rest of the game, because you can bet your opponent will. Remember that’s called gamesmanship.

How Not to Talk to Refs The rule change regarding unlimited steps for goalkeepers creates opportunity for a quick offensive transition out of the backfield. Comments made about the referees usually include a few choice words, followed by blame. Honestly, one of the best compliments you can give refs is to not even notice that they were there. That means they kept control of the game with little interference. How to Talk to Refs Inevitably, referees will make bad calls or showcase inconsistency in their calls.

The better ball-handling skills you possess, the more successful you’ll be on artificial surface. Because the surface is quicker, you need to factor in a few things when playing on turf. When sending a lead pass to a teammate, you have to adjust your pass in one of two ways. Either slow down the pace of your pass, or lead your teammate less. Every artificial turf is unique, so use your time in warm-ups wisely. See how the ball reacts when bending or putting spin on the ball. Take shots on goal and watch to see if the ball skips and takes off on the goalkeeper.

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