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By Carole L. Leadem, Sharon L. Gillies, H. Karen Yearsley, Vera Sit, David L. Spittlehouse, and Philip J. Burton

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Ministry of Forests Research Branch Operating Policies and Procedures). Use radio or cellphone communication when possible. Radios are essential on active logging roads. The forest district office or logging company can supply you with radio frequencies, but they are also usually posted at the beginning of the road. C. Ministry of Forests Technical and Administrative Services Branch (for ministry employees) or at most radio shops. In the field, call your location frequently and monitor the location of logging trucks so you can pull over well before you meet them.

A second analysis was performed. This time the trees were separated into two classes: those growing in the wetter hollows of the micromounds (characterized by Equisetum); and those growing on the drier mounds of the site. The results of this reanalysis were dramatic: all trees in the hollows showed little or no growth (in fact, large numbers had died since the last evaluation), showing that trees on these microsites had not contributed anything to basal area and volume in the stand, while those on the higher microsites were still growing vigorously and adding significant additional growth.

Just as the extent, structure, and condition of today’s forests have been determined by harvesting practices that took place a century ago, so the impact of the current management activities will persist at least a century into the future. . We must consider both where and when we create a disturbance. Important spatial and temporal components are associated with any forest management activity or any natural disturbance. If, for example, our management activities will disturb large areas in a given landscape over the next century, it makes a difference whether the affected areas are contiguous or dispersed, and whether the disturbance occurs in a single year or is spread over the full century.

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