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It doesn't stop the program execution like Assert does. Its normal use is to check the correct value of the variables during debugging. If -g is not passed to fbc, the macro does not generate any code. bas(3): assertion failed at FOO: a=1 Differences from QB • New to FreeBasic See also • Assert Atan2 Returns the arctangent of a ratio. Syntax Declare Function ATan2 ( Byval y As Double, Byval x As Double ) As Double Usage result = ATan2( y, x ) Parameters y Vertical component of the ratio. x Horizontal component of the ratio.

The string passed this way should not be changed by the calling Sub/Function, as the string descriptor would not be updated. Passing String Byval should be avoided, Zstring is more suited for this purpose. Opposite of Byref. Example Sub mySub &"kw3">Byval X As Integer) Differences from QB • See also • Declare • Byref Call Syntax CALL procname ([parameter list]) Description 64 65 Calls a previously defined subroutine or function. Some consider this a holdover from earlier dialects of BASIC, but it is a useful syntatical convention to show that the return value from a function is being discarded intentionally.

255]. Overrides alpha values in individual pixels. Description Alpha selects alpha blending as the method for Putting an image. If the optional alphaval parameter is specified, it overrides the alpha value of each pixel, and the mask color will be skipped; this works in 15, 16, 24, or 32-bit color depths. If alphaval is not specified, Alpha will only work in 32-bit color depth, and Put will use the alpha value embedded within each pixel; pixels using the mask color will not be skipped. Example Differences from QB • New to Freebasic See also 39 40 • Put And Operator that finds the bitwise And (conjunction) of two integers.

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