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By J. C. Slonczewski (auth.), Victor G. Bar’yakthar, Philip E. Wigen, Natalia A. Lesnik (eds.)

Frontiers in Magnetism of diminished size Systems provides a definitive assertion of our present wisdom and the state-of-the-art in a box that has but to accomplish adulthood, although there are various strength purposes of skinny magnetic movies and multilayers, akin to magnetic sensors, information storage/retrieval media, actuators, and so on.
The e-book is prepared into thirteen chapters, each one together with a lecture and contributed papers on an identical topic. 5 chapters care for theoretical descriptions of electron delivery phenomena, rest procedures, nonlinear paramagnetic interactions, part transitions and macroscopic quantum results in magnetic motion pictures and debris. the outline of other characterization ideas occupies a major position within the booklet. Separate chapters are devoted to magnetic resonances (FMR, SWR, NMR), magneto-optical spectroscopy, controlling chaos, magnetoelastic phenomena and magnetic resonance strength microscopy. one other bankruptcy supplies a close evaluation, unfold over a few papers, of fabrics in present use in info garage devices.

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After the discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in 1988, the emphasis of exchange studies shifted to ferromagnets of the frrst transition series, in which the spontaneously spin-polarized electrons have appreciable itinerant character. 2]. Useful to the interpretation of experiments is the phenomenological energy series (27) where, by defmition, J 1>0 for 'ferromagnetic' and J 1 < 0 for 'antiferromagnetic' coupling. This series describes generalizations of the Heisenberg form of coupling energy.

R. We define a coupling Figure 8. Total energy versus symstrength J = [W(7t) -W(O)]/2 which usually metric -well thickness w for a onediffers little from J 1 For each of the angles 13=0 dimensional spinless Fermi gas at T = (ferromagnetic moments parallel) and 13 = 7t OK. The solid curve is exact; the (antiparallel), the electron wave functions are dashed curve is Eq. S]. j.. and spin-up t. So we write o 2J=-E,). (7t) - Et (7t) (30) where Etor,). j.. attached to n( E). 8, showing the two magnet alignments, each with 2 spin directions.

Aside from the Curie temperature of the ferromagnet, we have no ready means of estimating the large loose-spin field V 2 To estimate the small long-range coupling I 1« Iv "* I I I I I I"" I I"" 23 VI(Z), we can take advantage of the bilinearity of the RKKY theory [Eq. (27)] and its predictive equivalent, the resonator model in the limit of weak reflections [Eq. (31)]. 22]. The coupling VI of the fIrst semiinfInite Fe magnet, say, to a loose Fe spin occupying the atomic-volume element Va (=a3/2) located at the distance z, is just the change in J I (with W -> z) obtained by adding Va to the volume of the second ferromagnet at the spacer-magnet interface.

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