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Hydrocarbon Processing's gasoline methods Handbooks have helped to supply the traditional gasoline with procedure expertise for greater than 30 years. The expertise that's coated within the guide comprises drying, treating, NGL, LNG, liquid treating and sulfur removing. In an additional enlargement of the expertise provided, we additionally supply hydrogen new release, fuel effluent cleanup, synthesis gasoline and flue fuel remedy. within the curiosity of protecting as whole listings as attainable, the gasoline strategies 2006 instruction manual is accessible on CD-ROM and at our web site,

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7 Hydrogen (steam reform), continued Installations: More than 119 gas reforming plants, 28 being hydrogen plants, with single-train capacities ranging from 1 million scfd to 200 million scfd. Licensor: Lurgi AG. CLICK HERE to e-mail for more information home proce ss cat egories proce ss index company index Hydrogen (steam reforming) Application: Manufacture hydrogen (H2) for hydrotreating, hydrocracking or other refinery or chemical use. ���������������� � ����� Feedstock: Light saturated hydrocarbons: refinery gas or natural gas, LPG or light naphtha.

It is also a viable option to monetize stranded gas reserves. �������� ������� ���������� ���������������� ������������������ ����������� Utilities Electric power Recycle compr. Refrig. compr. Others Cooling duty Recycle compr. Booster aftercooler Refrig.

Possible byproducts are export steam or electricity, depending on cost and/or efficiency optimization targets. Description: The hydrocarbon feedstock is admixed with some recycle hydrogen and preheated to 350 –380°C. Sulfur components are totally converted to H2S at CoMo catalyst and then adsorbed on zinc oxide by conversion to ZnS. The desulfurized feed is mixed with process steam at an optimized steam/carbon ratio. The desulfurized feed is mixed with process steam at an optimized steam/carbon ratio, superheated to 500– 650°C and fed to the Lurgi Reformer.

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