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By Fernando Sansò, Michael G. Sideris

This booklet might be in response to the fabric of the lecture noties in different overseas colleges for the selection and Use of the Geoid, equipped by means of the overseas Geoid Serivice of the foreign organization of Geodesy. It consolidates, unifies, and streamlines this fabric in a different approach no longer covereed by way of the few different books that exist in this subjext. extra in particular, the e-book provides (for the 1st time in one quantity) the idea and method of the most typical procedure used for certain selection of the geoid, together with the computation of the marine geoid from satellite tv for pc altimetry facts. those are illustrated via particular examples and real computations of neighborhood geoids. furthermore, the e-book offers the basics of estimating orthometric heights with no spirit levelling, by way of competently combining a geoid with heights from GPS. in addition to the geodectic and geophysical makes use of, this final software has made geoid computation equipment highly regarded in recent times as the complete GPS and GIS consumer groups have an interest in estimating geoid undulations with a view to convert GPS heights to bodily significant orthometric heights (elevations above suggest sea level). the final objective of the booklet is, for that reason, to supply the consumer neighborhood (academics, graduate scholars, geophysicists, engineers, oceanographers, GIS and GPS clients, researchers) with a self-contained textbook, that allows you to offer them with the total roadmap of estimating geoid undulations, from the theoretical definitions and formulation to the on hand numerical equipment and their implementation and the attempt in practice.

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1, U0 D E 1 2 2 GM ! 126) which is the sought relation (cf. Heiskanen and Moritz 1967). q/ GM arctan C ! 127) Definition of anomalous potential. P /: We see that T has two fundamental properties. , T D 0; in ˝; because both V and Ve are harmonic functions in this domain. 130) As a matter of fact it is possible to define another potential V which coincides with Ve outside the ellipsoid, but it is on the same time generated by a mass distribution internal to E consistent with such external values (S¨unkel and Tscherning 1981; Tscherning and Poder 1981).

103) (see Remark 4). 135) we can compute as well the modulus of the normal gravity vector. Remark 4. Since we often label points in space by means of geodetic ellipsoidal coordinates . e ; e' ; / pointing from P to east, north and up respectively. The definition of such quantities is presented in Fig. 138) So in principle the problem we are talking about is just one of having exact formulas, and computer routines, to perform the direct and inverse transformations . x; y; z/ $ . , that of and e' .

Note also that, in principle, ˚; can be determined by astronomical observations. In fact the direction n has a trace on the celestial sphere, C in Fig. 9, that is rotating uniformly (in our simplistic model) around the north pole N . So, by observing the spherical angle between some stars, like St in Fig. ONX / and the reference meridian on C, fixed with respect to stars) we can infer both ˚ and . Whence the name of astro-geodetic coordinates. 28 1 The Forward Modelling of the Gravity Field Fig.

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