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Such a representation is known as a 'bill of materials' structure because it is frequently used to model the complex hierarchial relationship between components and finished products in a manufacturing environment (Barker 1990). Pseudo-3D geological data To geologists, a geological map provides a mental image of the three-dimensional disposition of the depicted rock units even though the geological map may contain very little specific 3D information. The full extent of the intuitive and interpretive processes that geologists perform when they examine a map only becomes apparent when the data presented on a geological map are used as a source for 3D modelling.

In the BGS data architecture, site and sample numbers are different (because a geologist mapping an area visits many locations but collects only a few samples). This difference is not yet a problem because the databases are not closely linked but may be a difficulty in the future. 32 J. S. COATS & J. R. HARRIS This paper is presented partly as a case history of seven years' experience in operating a relational database to hold geochemical data and, also, to present a new data model for geochemistry.

Thin sections). The actual categories of data were to include: 9 9 9 9 basic petrology for all classes of rock (particles, matrix, cement, and voids); pore fluids (especially hydrocarbon shows); palaeontology (either general or specific); structures (where visible, including fractures). Interval versus point data In a bore hole or core, which essentially represents a one-dimensional traverse of the stratigraphy, data are related to depth in two ways: as intervals, between two bounding depths, in which certain features are observed; as points, at which spot samples are taken or measurements made.

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