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This quantity replaces the conventional photograph of George Herbert as meditative recluse with a portrait of the poet as engaged all through his lifestyles with the faith, politics and society of his time. rather than an remoted genius dwelling in retreat from the realm, Herbert seems to be as a guy writing public verse, energetic inside an enormous social circle, and dedicated to nationalistic Protestantism. The publication attends to the poetic brilliance of his verse in addition to the associations and contexts that inspired him: the higher classification coterie, Cambridge college, and the Church of England.

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The word “Jordan” in Herbert’s work offers the Biblical river as an alternative to the Greek “Helicon”. For early modern poets, “Helicon” referred to fountains of water sacred to the classical Muses and capable of providing poetic inspiration. England’s Helicon was an anthology of pastoral verse published in 1600 and reprinted in 1614, and filled with poems by Sidney and others imitating him. ”19 Herbert counters with a Biblical kind of purity and inspiration: the Jordan river was associated with Naaman’s healing of leprosy 8 George Herbert (2 Kings 5:10) and John’s baptism of Jesus (Matt.

Most editors believe that the exchange took place soon after Donne was ordained on January 23, 1615. The new seal described in the poem also marked the letter Donne sent to Edward Herbert on the day of the ordination. Donne’s poem to George illustrates either that a significant friendship already 26 George Herbert existed between the two, or that the poem itself offers such a bond. Donne’s poem is notable because it predicts royal preferment for Herbert in the future. Donne’s poem rings inventive changes on the difference between cross and anchor, and the comparison between his old family crest of entwined serpents and the new seal he devised to mark his entrance into the priesthood.

Apr. 10 – William Herbert dies, mourned as Calvinist leader; Philip Herbert becomes fourth earl of Pembroke. Apr. 12 – Laud elected Chancellor of Oxford defeating Philip Herbert by nine votes. Jun. – Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, becomes leader of Protestant forces in Germany. Charles allows Marquis of Hamilton to levy troops, but gives no more aid. Oct. – Henry Sherfield, town official, breaks stained-glass window in St. Edmund’s church, Salisbury; prosecution by Star Chamber initiated by Bishop Davenant; fined L500.

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