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The depositional features of estuarine deposits depend on the tidal range and the river flow changes, and usually facies change from marine to fluvial progressing upstream. Delta deposits are formed by coastal and nearshore sediments of fluvial origin and, since the shape of the delta depends on many factors, a pronounced spatial variability results. e. mostly sand and silt particles, so it is a very selective transport agent. Usually, sand starts to roll and slide when the wind speed reaches values of about 18 km per hour and, as the speed picks up, particles can lift and jump.

50) so that the motion is described by the equations: xk = xk X1 , X2 , X3 , t . 51) where t ∈ I is the time variable. The coordinates X1 , X2 , X3 are called Lagrangian or material coordinates and the coordinates x1 , x2 , x3 are called Eulerian or spatial coordinates. 51) are required to be one-to-one functions of class C 2 . e. only one X corresponds to each x, preserves the property that two particles cannot occupy simultaneously the same position. Finally the requirement of class C 2 implies the smooth behaviour of the velocity and acceleration.

Soga (2005) Fundamentals of Soil Behaviour (2nd edn). Wiley. E. Grimm (1962) Applied Clay Mineralogy. McGraw-Hill. Geotechnical students should be conscious that understanding geology is essential to properly interpret site investigations and to recognize geological hazards. H. H. De Freitas (1974) A Geology for Engineers. Edward Arnold. C. Pomerol, Y. Lagabrielle and M. Renard (2005) Eléments de Géologie (13th edn). Dunod. J. Dercourt and J. Paquet (2002) Géologie. Objects and methods (11th edn).

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