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By Günter Grass, Christopher Middleton, Arno Schmidt, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Paul Celan, Hans Erich Nossack, Uwe Johnson, Ingeborg Bachmann, Siegfried Lenz, Konrad Bayer, Jakov Lind, Heinz Piontek, Peter Weiss, Johannes Bobrowski, Hans Arp, Peter Huchel,

A pleasant collection--still, it really is seen for its virtually absolute loss of girl authors. regardless of this, it's a very really nice selection of actually a few of germany's greatest writers modern to this anthology's publication.

highly steered.

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Shouldn’t they be taken care of? Was this an endurance race? H ow would he be able to do his work? One might - Faber reflected while running - remove unnecessary furniture, roll up the carpet, put away the vases which his heavy tread caused to tinkle here and there; clear the arena. Draperies in which he became entangled because he calculated a turn badly, or because he had let himself be distracted by looking after his com­ petitor too long, should be taken down, and door-sills were obstacles too.

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