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Safety is pushed through requirement and layout and we enforce safeguard at the foundation of the necessities supplied by way of analysts. during this publication, we take a programmatic method of comprehend Java EE and GlassFish security.You will locate lots of code samples during this ebook. one could safe your software in case you have an illustration of a whole and dealing program defined within the ebook, is not it? each one bankruptcy starts off with the significance and relevance of the subject through introducing a few Java EE purposes requirement, with a view to motivate you to learn it further.This e-book is for software designers, builders and directors who paintings with GlassFish and are willing to appreciate Java EE and GlassFish security.To take complete benefit of this ebook, you should be acquainted with Java EE and GlassFish program servers. you are going to love this e-book while you're searching for a publication that covers Java EE defense and utilizing GlassFish positive aspects to create safe Java EE functions, or to safe the GlassFish set up and working surroundings and utilizing OpenSSO.

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Command create-auth-realm Description delete-auth-realm Deleting a realm from list of the available realms. list-auth-realms Listing all security realms defined in the system. Creating a new realm based on one of the available realm types. We will discuss some of these commands later in this chapter. [ 44 ] Chapter 2 Creating a file realm A file realm is the most basic security realm available in GlassFish. This realm is useful for test and development cycles and not for a production environment where we have tons of users and groups.

Click on New and use the following information for each attribute. ° User ID: jack ° Group List: manager, hr_manager ° Password: jack Now press the OK button to store the information in the file we specified in previous section. Let's examine how this information will be stored in the key file, whose location we specified when we were creating the new realm. The following listing shows content of FRealm-keyfile which contains user information for FRealm. jack;{SSHA}r1Inju5avfgMCQ3DRl+vuWsfJevTuD+80xFcxQ==; managers,hr_managers Looking at the file content we can understand that user attributes are separated using semicolons.

HTTPS Client Authentication (CLIENTCERT) Digest Authentication (DIGEST) Pros and cons • • • • Very secure. More expensive than other methods. More complex in implementation and administration. Easy to implement but not widespread. Credentials are encrypted prior to transmission. If we do not specify an authentication method and therefore a security realm, GlassFish will automatically use HTTP BASIC Authentication (BASIC) for the authentication method and a built-in realm named file as the security realm.

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