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The second one global conflict placed an finish to America's historic isolation from overseas strength politics, and so additionally to the long-standing American defiance of the Realist ideology that formed previous global affairs. the appearance of transoceanic army applied sciences, now wielded via menacing states similar to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, made american citizens extra receptive to the Realist concept that diplomacy is about Read more...

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As the past sixty years have shown, the American aversion to becoming involved in major international war before 1941 was not due to an inherent pacifism, or ingrained indifference to world affairs, lodged within the American psyche. It was due, primarily, instead to the United States’ geographical position. Americans paid little attention to power politics and thus to ideologies concerned with power politics because the United States, at least after the British withdrawal from the War of 1812, had become physically invulnerable to invasion.

Many Americans were not indifferent to the threat of German superpower. President Roosevelt had pushed for a stronger alliance with Great Britain since 1937, and by 1941 was actively trying to manipulate the nation into declaring war on Germany. Interventionist groups such as the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies warned Americans daily about the Nazi threat; the scientist Albert Einstein, no war-monger, went so far as to urge Roosevelt in 1939 to launch a program to build an atomic bomb.

It established minor matic History 25 (Spring, 2001), esp. p. 253. C. Vann Woodward, in “The Age of Reinterpretation,” American Historical Review 66 (October, 1960), pp. 2–8, coined the expression. Also see Robert Jervis, “Cooperation under the Security Dilemma,” World Politics 30 ( January 1978), pp. 184–85; Arnold Wolfers, Discord and Collaboration (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1962), pp. 247, 250; and Carr, Twenty Years’ Crisis, p. 159. 31. Carr, Twenty Years’ Crisis, p. 1. The Historical Setting of Modern American Realism 15 military bases on Cuba and the Philippines which served to raise America’s geopolitical stature in the eyes of other world powers to the level of, say, Belgium.

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