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By Ryokan, Ryuichi Abe, Peter Haskel

Taigu Ryokan (1759-1831) continues to be the most renowned figures in jap Buddhist heritage. regardless of his non secular and inventive sophistication, Ryokan noted himself as "Great idiot" and refused to put himself in the cultural elite of his age. not like the common Zen grasp of his time, who presided over a wide monastery, informed scholars, and produced recondite non secular treatises, Ryokan a lifetime of mendicancy within the geographical region. rather than providing sermons, he expressed himself via kanshi (poems composed in classical chinese language) and waka and will in most cases be stumbled on fidgeting with the village teenagers during his day-by-day rounds of begging. nice idiot is the 1st learn in a Western language to provide a entire photo of the mythical poet-monk and his oeuvre. It comprises not just an in depth number of the master's kanshi, topically prepared to facilitate an appreciation of Ryokan's colourful global, yet choices of his waka, essays, and letters. the amount additionally provides for the 1st time in English the Ryokan zenji kiwa (Curious bills of the Zen grasp Ryokan), a firsthand resource composed by means of a former pupil lower than 16 years after Ryokan's loss of life.

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