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However, my father was an eighth grade drop out who worked in manual labor jobs his entire life. My mother did graduate from high school, but I quickly determined that I would need a different angle for the essay! Likewise, my blue collar family took a “meat and potatoes” approach to meals. Rice was considered an exotic dish and never served at home. The local chain steakhouse was fine dining. ” I didn’t know. ) restaurant before and had no idea what to order once I got there! The lack of familiarity with the social class norms typical of university faculty left me feeling insecure and on the margins.

Realize, too, that students from other cultures, especially international students, might be learning from you about your culture. It’s okay to be who you are. 4. Don’t neglect your more seemingly mainstream students. The world of higher education may be strange to some of them, too; and, if they are encountering a new level of multiculturalism, they may need guidance. 5. Finally, if you can, try new things – food items or events – especially if invited by students. I, for instance, have gone bowling with Indonesian students who never bowled before and have developed a fondness for the jellied candies from Turkey brought in by students.

Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 16(2), 155-162. Leininger, M. (2002). Culture care theory: a major contribution to advance transcultural nursing knowledge and practices. Journal of Transcultural Nursing 13(3),189-192. Leininger, M. R. (2002). ). New York: McGrawHill. edu) 19 “An Innocent Abroad” 20 There are essentially two themes that thread the years of my passage toward cultural competency. This pair of influences includes my own “minority” experience as a woman studying engineering, as well as the encounters I had with student-peers from other cultures.

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