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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery is an important aspect of security design. Store the configurations and software images of network devices offsite with your backups from servers, and keep them up to date. Include documentation about the architecture of your network. All of this documentation should be available in printed form because electronic versions may be unavailable or difficult to locate in an emergency. Such information will save valuable time in a crisis. These devices are characterized by a long mean time between failure (MTBF) with redundant power supplies, and hot-swappable cards or modules.

Htm. This guide is an excellent list of the most urgent and critical vulnerabilities to repair on your systems. Two of the problems listed earlier—unnecessary default services and default passwords—are on this list. This effort was started because experience has shown that a small number of vulnerabilities are used repeatedly to gain unauthorized access to many systems. SANS has also published a list of the most common mistakes made by end users, executives, and information technology personnel.

Applications and upper-level protocols can thus be used unchanged. IPSec adds two security protocols to IP, Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP). AH provides connectionless integrity, data origin authentication, and anti-replay service for the IP packet. AH does not encrypt the data, but any modification of the data would be detected. ESP provides confidentiality through the encryption of the payload. Access control is provided through the use and management of keys to control participation in traffic flows.

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