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By Jonathan Kirsch

"The tales you're approximately to learn are essentially the most violent and sexually specific in all of Western literature. they're stories of human ardour in all of its countless kind: adultery, seduction, incest, rape, mutilation, assassination, torture, sacrifice, and homicide. . . ."

Sex. Violence. Scandal. those are phrases we hardly go together with the sacred textual content of the Bible. but during this outstanding ebook, Jonathan Kirsch recounts stunning stories which were suppressed via non secular gurus all through heritage. Kirsch areas each one tale in the political and social context of its time, delves into the newest biblical scholarship to give an explanation for why every one was once initially censored, and indicates how those historical narratives carry important classes for we all.

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They must be angels—” And the men said unto Lot: “Hast thou here any besides? ” “Angels, that’s what they are,” he repeated. “Listen to what they told me: ‘Get out of Sodom, you and your family, because God has sent us to destroy this place! ” his wife parried. ” Never before had Lot’s daughter seen her father so agitated, and she watched as he paced back and forth, kneading one hand in the other, stopping occasionally to sway back and forth as if in prayer. Then, suddenly, he headed for the door.

Asked Lot. The stranger sighed in exasperation. ” the stranger interrupted, now plainly out of sorts and anxious to get started on his work back in Sodom. ” “Kind masters, merciful masters,” Lot stammered, “it’s the mountain, which is so far off, and covered with snakes and wild beasts, I’m sure, and a hard climb even if we managed to get there at all. ” “Perhaps you do not understand,” the other stranger said, struggling to control his temper, speaking slowly and clearly as if to a child. ” the first one asked.

When Ham, father of Canaan, saw his father naked, he told his two brothers outside. So Shem and Japheth took a cloak, put it on their shoulders and walked backwards, and so covered their fathers naked body; their faces were turned the other way, so that they did not see their father naked (Gen. * After that scene, so comical and yet so disquieting to any parent mindful of Freud, I read the Bible more slowly, rephrasing certain passages as I went along and omitting others altogether. My son, already media wise at five, soon began to protest.

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