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By Sigmund Mowinckel

Foreword through John J. Collins Translated through G. W. Anderson prior to we will be able to comprehend the message of Jesus, we should have a few wisdom of the messianic suggestions of his time. He That Cometh via Sigmund Mowinckel deals the main entire learn to be had of messianic proposal within the Bible. that includes the following a brand new retrospective foreword via John J. Collins, He That Cometh first explores the antecedents of the time period Messiah within the previous testomony, targeting the assumption of a coming destiny king in early Jewish eschatology. It then examines the messianic idea as utilized in later Judaism and within the early church. The booklet concludes with a magnificent dialogue of the word Son of guy, the time period Jesus himself used to interpret his personal messianic undertaking. each scholar of biblical background and theology can revenue immensely from a cautious research of this huge paintings. Mowinckels exhaustive documentation and his accomplished analyses of either scriptural assets and glossy scholarship have earned for this quantity a excessive status between stories of Jewish and Christian idea.

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2 W e shall r e t u r n to all these passages in the a p p r o p r i a t e contexts below. A preliminary survey of the sources thus shows t h a t all the genuinely Messianic passages in the Old T e s t a m e n t d a t e from the time after the fall of the m o n a r c h y a n d the destruction of the Israelite states. O f those passages which are c o m m o n l y held to be Messianic, only Isa. vii a n d ix, iff. can with certainty be referred to the pre-exilic age, 3 b u t they are not Messianic in the strict sense.

St. V, pp. , 24f. See Rost, Israel bei den Propheten, p. 115; Danell, Studies in the Name Israel in the Old 3 Isa. xlv, 1. Testament, p. 291 and passim. 4 On the spread of Levitical ideas and ideals among the Israelite priesthood see Meyer, Die Israeliten und ihre Nachbarstämme, pp. , 138, 167; Hölscher, Die Profeten, pp. 166ff. β Exod. ; Lev. viii, 9. • 2 Chron. xxvi, 16ff. 7 Exod. xxix, 21 ; Lev. viii, 30. We find among the Mandeans an interesting parallel to the transference to the priest or the High-priest of the ideology and ritual of priesthood; see Engnell, Divine Kingship, p.

Cx, 4. irregular a n d exceptional; a n d , in the main, only usurpers were so anointed. 1 Yahweh's Anointed is, of course, king of Y a h w e h ' s people Israel, or of J u d a h , which is also called Israel in religious usage. 2 It is quite exceptional for a p r o p h e t like Deutero-Isaiah, in the exub e r a n t enthusiasm of his faith, to call a h e a t h e n king like Cyrus ' Y a h w e h ' s A n o i n t e d ' , 3 because Y a h w e h has m a d e him king in order to fulfil His plan for Israel.

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