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They are not automatically rendered aKov~ES as the FOV expects. 31 The unavoidable and constraining circumstances in which Sophocles' Iole finds herself are more personal, her beauty. According to Deianira, Iole' s beauty precipitated Iole' s enslavement. AAOS a"nf\s ~ov J3tOV OU:OAE"EV, "at rf\v lla

He Homeric texts there are examples of forms of avaYKl1 besides actual force related to eKrov group words, this may not be an especially appealing view. hese preliminary remarks look promising. h difficulties. h qualms about the arbitrariness of supposing one use or sense fundamental and another rhetorical or technical, since arguments could be made to turn upside down which use or sense is fundamental and which is somehow special. 41 This of course, is exactly the problem which prompted this study in the first place.

1-2) 310restes in Eur. IT 511-12 should also considered in this group, (iii S), even if also in group (i). , 77-94, 105, 929-31, 940-82). At 511-12 Iphigenia asks whether Orestes left Argos as an exile (

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