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By Clay Shirky

An remarkable exploration of the way know-how can empower social and political organizers

For the 1st time in background, the instruments for cooperating on a world scale aren't exclusively within the fingers of governments or associations. The unfold of the web and cellphones are altering how humans come jointly and get issues done—and sparking a revolution that, as Clay Shirky exhibits, is altering what we do, how we do it, or even who we're. right here, we come across a whoman who loses her mobilephone and recruits a military of volunteers to get it again from the person that stole it. A disenchanted airline passenger who spawns a countrywide flow through taking her case to the net. And a handful of youngsters in Belarus who create a political protest that the country is powerless to stop. Here Comes every body is a revelatory exam of ways the wildfirelike unfold of recent kinds of social interplay enabled by means of know-how is altering the best way people shape teams and exist inside them. A revolution in social association has began, and Clay Shirky is its remarkable chronicler.

"Drawing from anthropology, financial concept and willing commentary, [Shirky] makes a powerful case that new conversation instruments are making once-impossible kinds of staff motion attainable . . . [an] terribly perceptive new book." -Minneapolis megastar Tribune

"Mr. Shirky writes cleanly and convincingly concerning the intersection of technological innovation and social change." -New York Observer

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The lowering of these costs is the driving force under­ neath the current revolution and the common element to ev­ erything in this book. We're not used to thinking of "groupness" as a specific category-the differences between a college semi­ nar and a labor union seem more salient than their similari­ ties. It's hard to see how Evan Guttrnaris quest for the return of the mobile phone is the same kind of thing as the distrib­ uted documentation of the Indian Ocean tsunami. But like a chain of volcanoes all fed by the same pool of magma, the surface manifestations of group efforts seem quite separate, but the driving force of those eruptions is the same: the new ease of assembly.

The groups of photographers were all latent groups, which is to say groups that existed only in potentia, and too much effort would have been required to turn those latent groups into real ones by conventional means. The mermaid photos were too unimportant to be worth any institutional effort. The London bombing photos were taken by the people on the scene. The tsunamis destruction was spread out over tens of thousands of miles of coastland, and the uses of photos included finding missing persons, something outside the purview of typical newsgathering.

McCallum introduced several formal innovations to New York & Erie: strong hierarchical oversight, including an explicitly divisional organization of the railroad with different I 41 42 I H E R E C O H E S E VE R Y B O D Y superintendents responsible for different parts of the railroad. He diagrammed this form of organization with what may have been the first commercial org chart in history. This method was widely copied by other railroads, then by other kinds of firms. In addition to revolutionizing management structure, McCallum wrote six principles for running a hierarchical or­ ganization.

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