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By Claudia Felser, Atsufumi Hirohata

This e-book offers an outline of the physics of Heusler compounds starting from primary houses of those alloys to their functions. specially Heusler compounds as half-metallic ferromagnetic and topological insulators are vital in condensed subject technological know-how because of their capability in magnetism and as fabrics for power conversion. The booklet is written via world-leaders during this box. It deals a terrific connection with researchers at any level.

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We mentioned in the above paragraph that Mn3 Ga which has 24 valence electrons has been predicted to be a half-metallic antiferromagnet [207]. Several experiments have been lately devoted to the growth of high quality samples of Mn3 Ga alloy [212, 228, 229]. In [177], Li et al. have shown that also Mn3 Al which has 24 valence electrons is a HF-FCF and when Cr was substituted for Mn, Cr3 Al was found to have a total spin-magnetic moment of −3 μ B in accordance to the Slater-Pauling rule for half-metallic Heusler compounds.

Therefore both Co atoms together can have a moment of about 2 μB , if all majority Co states are occupied. 2). In contrast to this the sp atom has a very small negative moment which is one order of magnitude smaller than the Co moment. The negative sign of the induced sp moment characterizes most of the studied full and semi Heusler alloys with very few exceptions. The compounds containing Al and Ga have 28 valence electrons and the ones containing Si, Ge and Sn 29 valence electrons. The first compounds have a total spin magnetic moment of 4 μB and the second ones of 5 μB which agree with the experimental deduced moments of these compounds [161, 162].

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