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0430;0 to be added and are discussed shift caused The shown higher-energy the right side of the curve. There under curve on the focal circle. T/T, to the momentum field. The Here an asymmetric equal to the and the energy is proportional magnetic For shift of the spectrum the curve. interchangeably electron of the line shape. 0 (%) MU-15573 Fig. 11. spectrorneter for a 1/8 -in. beam and a conical target. The arrow indicates the position of the ordinate bisecting the area unde r the curve. =40- v.

8 and identity is lost in the low-energy and other activities. taken with the normal with a half-life between by the two methods and indicate data were of 15 pulses after the beam that there pulse. were region per The in then sec and Kurie in good agreement is little interference from other activitie s or background. The data were background. same corrected Because for BS and within LiS above fitted with a weighted (Fig. 7%. S% a period above of about analysis of the LiS and B S beta is unstable to heavy-particle emission, and the levels decay short time into two would EO momentum theory are widely Because spaced, to obtain a density = [EO-E)2 is the excitation a superposition This nuc leus in a very by the use the states having one can of the apply the single- of states available to beta Th us we have at half --amplitude.

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