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The process is iterated using successive values of pi and aj until the growth factor approaches unity and the successive values of tij and ti j are within 1 to 5 per cent depending upon the accuracy required in the trip distribution. The average factor method suffers from many of the disadvantages of the constant factor method, and in addition if a large number of iterations are required then the accuracy of the resulting trip matrix may be questioned. (c) The Fratar Method) This method was introduced by T.

Statement (c) is incorrect since a trip end modal-split model predicts trips classified by modal type ; that is, modal split is carried out before trip distribution takes place. Statement (d) is correct because trip generation equations have as their dependent variable the number of trips generated while the independent variables are the land -use and socio-economic factors which affect the generation of trips. Statement (e) is incorrect in that the independent variables should be independent of each other while there is likely to be a strong correlation between the number of employed members of a household and the total household income .

28 TRAFFIC ANALYSIS AND PREDICTION It is usual to compute the following statistical values to test the goodness of fit of the regression equation. 1. Simple correlation coefficient r which is computed for two variables and measures the association between them. As r varies from -1 to +1 it indicates the correlation between the variables. A value approaching ±l indicates good correlation. 2. Multiple correlation coefficient R which measures the goodness of fit between the regression estimates and the observed data.

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