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Why does Australia have animals which are so diversified from others at any place else on this planet? Why do ′roos and wallabies have such massive tummies? Who have been the kangaroos with fangs that lived 10 million years in the past? What′s how one can turn into invisible (to kangaroos, at any rate)? Which wallaby is a ′living fossil′ - similar to the wallabies that grazed 10 million years in the past? Why do joeys consume their mother′s droppings? Fnd out during this attention-grabbing new booklet! playstation : What do you name a kangaroo with a flower in the back of their ear and a huge grin? a contented hippy hoppy. a while 7-12

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There were also fewer indigenous people hunting kangaroos. But mostly the new settlers had become better farmers. In the early days of the colonies they just bunged on some sheep or cattle, got some convicts to make sure they didn’t stray, and sold the young lambs and calves. But by the 1880s the grassy plains and bush were being fenced into paddocks with new fencing wire, and by the 1920s superphosphate was replacing some of the soil’s plant food that had vanished into the tummies of sheep and cattle.

Sadly, many shooters don’t care about the difference between a kangaroo and a rare wallaby. Roos are also killed under licence by professional shooters though professional shooters mostly only kill roos that have bred into giant mobs—and they do know the difference between a roo and a rare wallaby. We’ve come a long way since all kangaroos were hunted. But if roos, and especially wallabies, are to survive more people need to understand what they need and care about their preservation. 4 What roo is that?

Could you box a kangaroo? Definitely not, if you are a kid—and probably not even if you are a world champion boxer! I once watched two Eastern Grey males fight for three days and nights. By the third day they could hardly stand. One would aim a blow at the other, then they’d both pant for a minute or so to catch their breath, then the other would try to strike back. Finally, they were both so bushed that they both gave in and staggered away…and while the epic battle raged the females just ignored them and continued eating.

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