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By Iain C. A. F. Robinson (auth.), David Clemmons, Iain C.A.F. Robinson, Yves Christen (eds.)

Insulin-like progress components (IGFs), their binding proteins and their receptors play vital roles in regulating development, metabolism, proliferation and survival for plenty of cells and tissues all through lifespan in people and different species. Circulating IGF1 is understood to be an endocrine regulator, with metabolic results with regards to, and in part convergent with, insulin signalling. IGF1 additionally mediates a few of the development selling results of GH, and there's an ongoing debate as to the relative contributions of endocrine-, vs locally-derived IGF1 for systemic progress. extra lately although, it has develop into transparent that IGFs should be key neighborhood progress and mobile survival elements for lots of assorted tissues, lively from early in embryonic improvement, crucial for regular maturation and progress in the course of foetal lifestyles. IGFs proceed to play vital roles all through grownup lifestyles in lots of varied approaches corresponding to tissue fix, mobile proliferation, tissue remodelling and metabolic rules. IGF structures are tightly regulated; orderly keep an eye on of mobile fix and metabolism is principal to fit growing older, when out of control proliferation can result in melanoma.

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Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 103:2184–2189 Zhang CC, Kaba M, Iizuka S, Huynh H, Lodish HF (2008) Angiopoietin-like 5 and IGFBP2 stimulate ex vivo expansion of human cord blood hematopoietic stem cells as assayed by NOD/SCID transplantation. Blood 111:3415–3423 The Role of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I in Central Nervous System Development A. Joseph D’Ercole and Ping Ye Abstract Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) signaling through its interaction with the type 1 IGF receptor (IGF1R) is necessary for normal brain growth.

2008). We demonstrated that insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP2), secreted by a tumorigenic cell line, enhanced ex vivo expansion of mouse and human HSCs (Huynh et al. 2008; Zhang et al. 2008). We established a completely defined, serum-free culture system for mouse HSCs containing SCF, TPO, FGF-1, Angptl3, and IGFBP2. As measured by competitive repopulation analyses, there was a 48fold increase in numbers of long-term repopulating mouse HSCs after 21 days of culture. We sought to use a similar condition to culture human cord blood HSCs.

Or UT Southwestern Committee on Animal Care. IGFBP2 Supports ex Vivo Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells 23 3 Culture Medium STIF medium is defined as StemSpan serum-free medium (StemCell Technologies) supplemented with 10 mg/ml heparin (Sigma), 10 ng/ml mouse SCF, 20 ng/ml mouse TPO, 20 ng/ml mouse IGF-2 (all from R&D Systems), and 10 ng/ml human FGF-1 (Invitrogen). STF medium was the same medium but without IGF-2. When medium contained Flt3-L, we used 50 ng/ml human SCF, 10 ng/ml human TPO, and 50 ng/ml human Flt3-L.

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