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By Tony Fleming, Elizabeth Bauer

Contained in the Photon: A trip in the direction of wellbeing and fitness describes the newly stumbled on layer of biophotonics underlying all atomic chemistry and biochemistry. As with the diversity of snowflakes, the variety in organic species inside vegetation for example depends in this biophotonic layer of interplay inside of atomic and biomolecular buildings. a brand new diversity of energies that may be balanced in simple terms in the biophotonic states are answerable for those innumerable types of organic species.
The phonon, the quantum of acoustic, or vibrational, power can also be defined and given prestige along the photon. for this reason the ‘biophonon’ sits apart the biophoton as a component inside organic constructions. Sounds can create constitution within the related approach biophotons can use constitution to communicate.
Therapies equivalent to homeopathy, acupuncture, conventional chinese language medications are given clean impetus together with putative figuring out of mechanism. Mitosis is known through the mobilephone cycle and the way electrical, acoustic, and magnetic fields can set off alterations on the biophotonic point. the prospect arises of scientific remedy with no invasive surgical procedure and with no the unwanted effects of drug-based treatments.

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This only occurs if at least n + 1 waves fall inside the limits of the wave. Thus we may write In Eq. 6) λ− λ λ is the approximate range of wavelengths. 12) The inequality relationship Eq. 11) applies to photons, electrons and in fact any quantum system The equation for the orbital motion of the electron lies at the heart of SFT and is given in Eq. 12) for comparison. Apart from the approximation of energy and time in the uncertainty relationship and the replacement of the ‘greater than’ relationship by an exact relationship, the two equations are strikingly alike.

More refined calculation may be needed to validate Nγ as the orbit is actually non-linear. The experimentally known finestructure constant can also be used to estimate the solution as Nγ = 54. This was the solution chosen to estimate the photon mass. 7 A single-particle photon moves past point O along the x axis rotating in the xy plane. by the symmetry of the sub-photonic particles and uncertainty is obviated. HUP can be considered a theoretical error leading to numerical inaccuracy. SFT is a mutual effect between two particles that obviates uncertainty; the photon motion is deterministic.

8b). In the light of SFT, uncertainty is seen as an approximation to the physics of the photon, the electron, the nucleus and any system studied using the quantum formulation of the 20th century. 8 (a) Armadillo rolling up into a ball; (b) buckyball (Buckminsterfullerene C60 ). basis. As Einstein long suspected and attempted to demonstrate via EPR, quantum theory is incomplete. It is the exact solutions to the ML equations and the photonic and biophotonic levels revealed by SFT that give quantitative knowledge of physical and biological systems.

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