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By Ulrich Storz

SpringerBriefs in Biotech Patents current well timed experiences of highbrow homes (IP) concerns and patent elements within the box of biotechnology. This new quantity within the sequence makes a speciality of the actual IP problems with therapeutics, vaccines and molecular diagnostics. the 1st bankruptcy concentrates on fundamentals ideas for safeguarding antibody compounds. extra how one can create follow-up safety for antibody therapeutics also are mentioned. the second one bankruptcy supplies an outline of the patent panorama in molecular diagnostics, and discusses problems with patentability with appreciate to the several applied sciences and compounds used therein. The 3rd bankruptcy offers a large review of parts of legislation which are fairly suitable to the patenting of peptide vaccines and healing peptides as items and in compositions. The scope of patentable subject material is mentioned, because it has been the point of interest of a lot wrangling and debate within the courts.

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Copy numbers of the respective peptide per cell). , in cell cycle control or apoptosis. Additionally, also downstream targets of the proteins directly causative for a transformation may be upregulated und thus be indirectly tumor associated. Such indirectly tumor-associated antigens may also be targets of a 24 W. Flasche vaccination approach. Essential is in both cases the presence of epitopes in the amino acid sequence of the antigen, since such peptide (‘‘immunogenic peptide’’) that is derived from a tumor-associated antigen should lead to an in vitro or in vivo T-cell response.

The counter view, following the reasoning to which some practitioners have been accustomed, is that although it may be routine to look for crystalline forms, there is absolutely no way to predict what crystalline form(s) will be found, and therefore any specifically defined crystalline form is not obvious. In the case of polymorphs, it might now be a routine procedure for the skilled person to conduct a polymorph screen using the available techniques. The skilled person ‘‘would do’’ a polymorph screen and ‘‘would reasonably expect’’ to find new polymorphs.

5 and up to ten amino acids added to the C-terminus and/or the N-terminus of SEQ ID NO. 5’’ one cannot start the alignment anywhere in any given peptide or protein. The alignment always must start with the position 1 of any given peptide/protein. • There is only one wording, that allows for an alignment as done by the PTO in the example: ‘‘a peptide or protein comprising a continuous stretch of amino acids according to (or given in) SEQ ID NO. 58’’. In this example even a claim wording like ‘‘a peptide of up to 100 (200) amino acids comprising a continuous stretch of amino acids according to (or given in) SEQ ID NO.

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