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By Edward G. Keating

Keeps a chain of stories on getting older plane and the replacement-or-repair determination.

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It is not surprising that one would keep an aging system longer if one is not concerned about declining aircraft availability. We next explore which other KC-135 parameters would have to vary to change our broad policy conclusion that the fleet should be retired relatively soon. , no further organizational maintenance or aircraft overhaul cost growth and no further availability decline) for it to be optimal to keep the KC-135 fleet flying much past 2015 or so. In Case C, we have the KC-135’s availability not declining further, but there is still consideration given for increased availability with a new 767.

Mitchell, and L. M. Ott, Identification of Operations and Support Cost and Availability Drivers, Marietta, GA: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, AFRL-VA-WP-TR-2002, September 2002. , Age Impacts on Operating and Support Costs: Navy Aircraft Age Analysis Methodology, Patuxent River, MD: Naval Aviation Maintenance Office Logistics Engineering Department, Resource Analysis Division, August 1993. A1/SR1, July 2001. , Robert P. Trost, Michael Ye, John P. Hall, Rebecca L. Kirk, Laura J. Junor, Peter J.

The entire fleet of KC-135s was carefully inspected, including a February 2000 standdown of part of the fleet to look for other potential problems in the stabilizer portion of the tail section. The Air Force believes it has now addressed this problem. 5 using aircraft system average age on the horizontal axis, not calendar month. 5, however. 1, we describe the three KC-135 fleets in January 1995 and January 2002. The three fleets have aged approximately linearly over the last seven years. 0 aComputed average age is measured from the date the Air Force accepted each airplane from its manufacturer.

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