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By Scott B. Noegel

Noegel right here examines circumstances of Janus parallelism within the Hebrew Bible with specific recognition to the booklet of activity, and with excursuses at the machine in different historic close to Esatern literatures. the writer unearths the punning gadget indispensable to the ebook of activity, serving a referential functionality. in the context of discussion and debate, the polysemous statements resemble a poetry contest one of the members (Job, his acquaintances, and Elihu). The publication additionally treats the connection among wordplay and knowledge literature; polysemy as preserved within the Greek, Aramaic, Latin, and Syriac translations; and the impression of Janus parallelism on textual feedback and the solidarity of the booklet of activity.

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951-53; HALAT, IV, pp. 1326-31. 3. ). The root 31G? forms a word-pair with iT]J? in Gen. 9; Ps. 13; and Judg. 29, and is found in a non-parallelistic connection with the root in Exod. 21; 1 Sam. 3; 2 Sam. 11; Prov. 1; Hos. 10; and Zech. 6. The use of 31CJ in conjunction with U&S in Ps. 15; Isa. 20; Ezek. 1, 4, 6 and with Kan in Exod. 31; Lev. 23; Num. 34; Deut. 4; 1 Sam. 14; 2 Chron. 24, 26, 37; Neh. 29; Ps. 15; Jer. 35; Lam. 8; Ezek. 12; and Dan. 16, binds the parallel relationship between IflE?

Frances, DT1D25 pPQ "130, in H. ), Hebraeische Prosidie von Immanuel Frances (Krakau, 1892), p. 37. 6. Dhorme, Le Livre de Job, p. 91. 7. Michel, Job in the Light of Northwest Semitic, p. 154; Clines, Job 1-20, pp. 157, 164. 8. See for example H^l in Isa. 12. 52 Janus Parallelism in the Book of Job 'as the days of a hireling are his days, as a servant who pants for the shade, and as a hireling who hopes for his wage'. 6 is an antanaclastic Janus. 14-15. There he states: ~\m T3Kn «pn mpm inUIlE GTZDi; ITUI l^OD aip", 'the hope of the godless will perish; his confidence is a mere gossamer thread; his trust, but a spider's web'.

V. pan, IHO. 3. LSI, p. v. K^EICO. 2 Moreover, as H. Orlinsky has noted,3 the LXX's use of GOCVCXTOC; generally is believed to stand for "Op in the previous verse (v. 22), but this is by no means certain. , to death). 4 Sacadiah Ga'on, Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Moshe Qimhi, the commentaries Metsudat David and Metsudat Zion, Minhat Shai, Driver, Dhorme, Pope, Gordis, Tur-Sinai, Michel, Guillaume, and Clines5 also derive our Janus word from the root "flD II, 'hedge, fence in'. So, notwithstanding the lack of support from the versions, the Janus is cemented by the connection of the roots ~|10 I, 'pour', and D^Q in Ezek.

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