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Get the e-book that exhibits you not just what to check, yet how to check. the single classroom-based built-in examine process for pro certification grants entire assurance of all ambitions for the sunlight qualified Programmer for Java five examination, enormous quantities of perform examination questions, and hands-on workouts. The CD-ROM beneficial properties complete perform examination software program plus an adaptive try engine.

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Just as the local variable starts its life inside the method, it's also destroyed when the method has completed. Local variables are always on the stack, not the heap. (We'll talk more about the stack and the heap in Chapter 3). Although the value of the variable might be passed into, say, another method that then stores the value in an instance variable, the variable itself lives only within the scope of the method. Just don't forget that while the local variable is on the stack, if the variable is an object reference, the object itself will still be created on the heap.

For example, if you write an abstract class Car with a method goUpHill(), you might want to force each subtype of Car to define its own goUpHill() behavior, specific to that particular type of car. public abstract void showSample(); Notice that the abstract method ends with a semicolon instead of curly braces. It is illegal to have even a single abstract method in a class that is not explicitly declared abstract! indd 41 11/28/05 12:24:51 AM CertPrs8/Java 5 Cert. java:1: class IllegalClass must be declared abstract.

Notice, though, that the Child class is accessing the protected variable through inheritance. Remember, any time we talk about a subclass having access to a superclass member, we could be talking about the subclass inheriting the member, not simply accessing the member through a reference to an instance of the superclass (the way any other nonsubclass would access it). Watch what happens if the subclass Child (outside the superclass' package) tries to access a protected variable using a Parent class reference.

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