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By James Weaver

JavaFX Script makes it effortless for builders to speedy improve prime quality UI in depth functions in a short time. builders wish to improve wealthy web Applications/Rich patron part consumer interfaces fast and simply with this power substitute for Ajax and, possibly, even ActionScript and different scripting present in Flash. this can be the 1st booklet that gives a primary examine JavaFX Script in its present emergent degree. It offers short advent to the JavaFX kinfolk of goods, and fast specializes in the JavaFX Script language. After supplying a “quick begin” within which the reader downloads instruments and creates an easy “Hello global” type software, the e-book proceeds to hide JavaFX Script suggestions and constructs normally within the context of gradually developing an software that creates “word seek” puzzles.

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Both source files should declare a package name of chapter2. Figure 2-6 is a screenshot of the output of a sample solution to this exercise. Figure 2-6. Sample solution to the Two Messages exercise Hint: Since the content attribute of the Canvas instance will now have two Text instances, you’ll need to use the array literal notation to assign both of them to the content attribute. Have fun with this exercise! firstPress: Quick Start 26 Summary Congratulations, as you’ve come a long way in a short amount of time!

If you roll the cursor over a letter in the word grid, the associated words will be highlighted in yellow. If you right-click the mouse on a letter (or click the mouse while holding the Ctrl key down), a menu enabling you to unplace the words pops up, as shown in Figure 3-7. Figure 3-7. After placing the rest of the planets randomly on the word grid and invoking the pop-up menu on a letter 34 firstPress: Creating User Interfaces in JavaFX To fill the remaining cells on the grid with random letters, select the Grid ➤ Show Fill Letters menu option, or press the Ctrl+F key combination.

In this case, the shortcut key combination is Ctrl+P. • An enabled attribute that controls whether the MenuItem is enabled or disabled. In this case, as depicted in Figure 3-12, the value of the enabled attribute is bound to the state of the fillLettersOnGrid attribute of the WordGridModel. Because of the use of the not operator, this MenuItem is enabled when fillLettersOnGrid is false, and not enabled when fillLettersOnGrid is true. • An action attribute that defines what operation or function should be invoked when the action event occurs (when the user selects this MenuItem).

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