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This research seeks to argue that activity 28 is an essential component of the publication because it stands, and that it really is Job's speech. activity 28 serves a unique rhetorical functionality in the booklet, and extra in particular inside chapters 22-31. This paintings offers an important interpretative key to task 28 in the so much difficult element of the ebook (Job 22-31). activity 28 is in contradictory juxtaposition with different sayings of activity. notwithstanding, this examine argues that such contradictory juxtaposition is a function of Job's speeches in chapters 22-31, and is a part of the author's technique to make a rhetorical impression upon the viewers.

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The first one is the issue of moral retribution, which is discussed in this section. The second one is its handling of the question of suffering. Clines states that when the readers are told the reason for Job’s suffering, they are led to penetrate into the explanation of human suffering in general, but then start to realise that the book actually presents the unique case of Job’s suffering. See D. J. A. Clines, “Deconstructing the Book of Job,” The Bible as Rhetoric: Studies in Biblical Persuasion and Credibility (ed.

137) focuses upon God’s afflictions on Job, setting up a conflict between the sphere of belief and that of experience. 37 The second movement (chs. 38 The third movement (42:7-9) affirms that Job has spoken what is right. 39 In the fourth movement (42:10-17) God’s restoration of Job’s fortunes affirms His words in 42:7-8 and Job 38-41. Thus it resolves the last conflict, and returns to the initial equilibrium. 40 The second element of Polzin’s structural analysis of Job is the code of the text, which is the structure behind the framework.

81. Habel argues that Elihu plays an important role in the design of the book of Job. According to Habel, Elihu acts as an arbiter. He appears to respond to Job’s request for an arbiter to handle his case (31:35-37, 40c). ”; and Habel, Job, 443-7. 7 The differences between the first and the second Yahweh speeches have prompted some scholars, like Driver-Gray and Westermann,8 to conclude that there was originally only one Yahweh speech, which had attracted many additions until a later editor put it into two speeches.

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