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By M. Fixdal

Drawing on some of the wars and peaces of modern a long time, this publication bargains a persuasive new point of view on postwar justice. In her research wars of succession, wars for territory, and the political associations that precede and stick with wars, Fixdal explores the outer limits of the concept it's worthy paying nearly any rate for peace.

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As Robert Rothstein notes, Anyone who analyzes protracted conflicts quickly comes to understand that they are not merely conflicts about land, or resources, or sovereignty—that is, conflicts of interest. What is missing from interest-based analysis is the emotional depth of the conflict, the intensity of hatred, mistrust, and contempt that has developed and deepened over time. 10 Conflicts in which identity plays an important part might be particularly difficult to find a solution to. ”11 S om e Th e or e t ic a l C ons i de r at ions 27 I seek in no way to underestimate the role of identity-related violence in contemporary conflicts, nor do I wish to suggest that an interest-based approach in itself can give complete account of these conflicts.

A conditional peace is less precarious and can be maintained by general deterrence. ”90 How, then, can a stable peace be created? How can the parties to conflict move from a fragile peace to a situation in which the use of force is unthinkable? Both with respect to international and internal wars, scholars point to three factors that help determine the stabilization of the peace: the outcome of the war, the conflict environment, and the way in which the challenges of the postwar phase are dealt with.

Even after it became clear that Bosnia would be a sovereign state, there was considerable disagreement about which ethnic groups would control Sarajevo, Srebrenica, S om e Th e or e t ic a l C ons i de r at ions 25 and a number of other towns and areas. Much like international arguments over territory, internal divisions can be both strongly contested and morally significant. When wars are fought over government, the incompatibility concerns what type of government the state should have. 4 Conflicts over government most commonly take place within a state, but other states can also get involved in these fights as the recent conflicts in Iraq and Libya show.

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