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By Rachelle Gilmour

This monograph examines the juxtaposition of narrative devices in biblical narrative and the influence this has on interpretation. Early rabbinical and inner-biblical interpretations recommend that juxtaposition used to be an intentional machine utilized by biblical editors and authors to form the that means in their fabric. hence, this monograph develops a framework for recognising the ways that adjoining devices interpret and re-interpret each other and provides this framework as a tremendous hermeneutical device. tales and episodes which are associated chronologically impact each other via a courting of explanations and results. the types of contradiction, corroboration and query and solution also are used to explain the kinds of interplay among narrative devices and show how such dialogues create new which means. signs within the textual content that advisor the viewers in the direction of the meant interpretation are pointed out so that a 'poetics' of juxtaposition is constructed. The theoretical foundation proven within the first half the monograph is then utilized to the Elisha cycle. each one episode is interpreted independently after which learn in juxtaposition with the encompassing episodes, generating a clean literary analyzing of the cycle. moreover, so that it will reveal how juxtaposition functioned as a diachronic strategy, awareness is given to the literary historical past of the cycle. We conjecture previous interpretations of the Elisha episodes and examine them to the ultimate type of the cycle. ultimately, the Elisha cycle is itself a narrative juxtaposed with different tales and so an identical ideas of interpretation are used to signify the which means of the cycle in the ebook of Kings.

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If these parallel events occur in the same sequence, then the comparison will be even greater. In other cases, there may only be one or two events that are in parallel, generating a common theme in the episodes—for example, acts of deception or performing a miracle. 14 The ¿rst function of the parallels is to highlight the similarities between the prophets and demonstrate that Elisha is a true successor to Elijah. Secondly, they demonstrate the differences between the two prophets when the plots diverge.

Thus another category of interpretation of juxtaposed narratives is introduced. It explains the patterning of nonchronological episodes and offers a more general way of interpreting episodes outside of chronological relationship. A critic’s description of the novel Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood can equally be applied to the patterning of non-chronological episodes in biblical narrative: Like the quilt patterns that adorn the title pages of each of its ¿fteen sections, Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace presents an intricate patchwork of texts as an ‘other’ means of representing historical events and persons that rejects the mono-vision of traditional histories and highlights the processes of framing and arranging pieces in particular juxtapositions.

One passage will leave gaps or invite questions that are subsequently explained or ¿lled by the narrative placed next to it. The questions in the ¿rst passage are now reinterpreted in light of the second passage. 31 Bakhtin explains why questioning and answering functions as dialogue: “Question and answer are not logical relations (categories); they cannot be placed in one consciousness (uni¿ed and closed in itself); any response gives rise to a new question. ”32 Questions and answers are by nature from different voices, which interact with one another, usually producing more questions.

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