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But, though this element is clearly present in the distinction between Dasein and the non-Dasein, it is not by itself enough to account for it. This will become clear by citing an instance in which Heidegger tries to show how a concept, when applied to Dasein, becomes an existentiality of it and is therefore to be understood in a completely different sense than otherwise. Dasein and Non-Dasein One of the first problems that Heidegger raises in trying to draw the portrait, in an ontological sense, of Dasein is to discover the field in which Dasein operates.

3. This is a result of the fact that it is ontological and not ontic. The search after Being is a reaching back for the possibility of the situation as it reveals itself in the preontological situation. 4. But this asking for possibilities in a categorical sense has itself to be understood existentialistically. As a model category of that which is present (Vorhanden) possibility connotes the not yet real and the not necessary. But as an existentiality, possibility is not a prelude to reality but the very constitution of it.

The purpose of presenting the very fundamental distinction between existentialistic and categorical in-being ____________________ 1 SZ, p. , p. 69 3 SZ, p. 71 4 H. Folwart, op. , p. 113 -57has been to show that the difference between the Dasein and the non-Dasein mode of being involves a distinction that is quite separate from that between Being and a being. If Heidegger had only made this latter distinction he would have been operating within the framework of the traditional essence/existence distinction which sees in a being the element of existence added to that of essence.

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