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By Jean-Pierre Beaud, Jean-Guy Prévost

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Henceforth he, and not his political family of origin, would make fundamental choices in his own, rather than the Socialists’, interests. Mitterrand was well aware that a new strategic outlook was needed to pull his presidency from the depths of 1982-83. Without one the policy changes of 1982-83 were losers : they hurt the Left’s supporters and rewarded its opponents. A new strategy would have to make sense of the new policies in both specific and general terms and uncover good reasons why a winning coalition of different social groups should continue to support Mitterrand.

Symbolically, a series of new reforms of securities markets fed the biggest boom on the Paris Bourse in memory. The Socialists had manipulated Left division prior to 1981 in ways that had left them committed to a program badly suited to the circumstances in which Left governments had to implement it. Dirigistes measures premised upon a relatively closed national space were bound to be ineffective in a newly globalizing setting. Redistributive reforms would be vastly more difficult in the absence of sustained growth.

Laurier, bureau 450, Québec, Québec G1V 2M2 • Tél. ), ISBN 2-7605-0829-3 • SA829N Tous droits de reproduction, de traduction ou d’adaptation réservés Le Parti socialiste français et le cycle d’Épinay (1971-1994) 45 blique, ils n’ont pas été les principaux acteurs de cette conquête politique. Le parti unifié fondé en 1905 n’a pas pu ainsi revendiquer pour lui seul l’obtention de la démocratie politique. C’est pourquoi son attachement à la démocratie parlementaire n’a pas eu la même force que celui d’autres grands partis socialistes qui ont porté la lutte pour l’extension du droit de suffrage et pour qui, tout naturellement, l’attachement aux procédures du parlementarisme démocratique est devenu partie intégrante de la culture sociale-démocrate.

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