This publication goals to illustrate that criminal lawsuits shape the historical past for making enterprise judgements and within the textual content felony ideas are grouped in accordance with their relevance to enterprise.

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There are 17 Commissioners, appointed by the Community Governments, and they act, not as national delegates, but in the interests of the Community as a whole. The Council This is the Community's decision-making body. It agrees legislation on the basis of the proposals from the Commission and consists of Ministers from each member state, supported by various working groups and offleials from member states. The European Par1iament This is a directly elected body of 51X mcmbers, and under the EC Treaties its formal opinion is required on most proposals before they can be adopted by the Council.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) for industrial disputes. D Arbitration. D Other methods of dispute resolution. D Litigation. (a) Negotiation A difference of opinion between two parties about (for example) the delivery of goods of the wrang colour, or the wrang size, might escalate into a full blown legal dispute, settled in court by a judge interpreting the exact meaning of certain contractual terms. However, as with most minor family arguments, the two sides will prabably sort the problern out themselves and, after negotiation, reach an amicable agreement, acceptable to both sides.

E. the presentation of cases in court. Barristers have the right of audience in alt courts and tribunals. This branch of the profession is subject to rules of procedure and etiquette which restriet the ways in which a barrister can carry on his practice. The principal rules are: 0 Barristers must work as sole practitioners; they cannot currently form partnerships. They work from a 'set of chambers' where, with other barristers, they share the services of a barristers' clerk. 0 Barristers cannot normally accept work direct from their clients; they can only be engaged by solicitors.

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