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By Pierre Dangeard, Raymond Hovasse, J.A. Kitching

It is usually attainable that contractile vacuoles originate via a few kind of section separation no longer but understood and doubtless related to the contractile homes of proteins, and' it really is attainable that this method keeps to function within the partitions of the vacuoles or feeder canals. This secretory strategy could be the functionality of that a part of the vacuolar equipment which blackens on impregnation with osmic acid, and which turns out to own some extent of permanence from vacuole to vacuole and often times from dad or mum to daughter mobile. Remarkably little is understood in regards to the mechanism of systole. common physique turgor could give a contribution, however it isn't really crucial. In ciliates the most strength is neighborhood and possibly comes from a pressure within the wall of the vacuole itself, however it isn't really identified even if this can be an energetic contraction of an orientated protein layer. The serious technique for the initiation of systole is without doubt one of the beginning of the pore. it truly is attainable that during ciliates there's a rhythmically working self sustaining timing mechani,sm in which the vacuolar cycle is managed, yet its life has no longer been demonstrated.

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Grace it l'emploi du microscope electronique, un important progres semble realisable : les coupes ultraminces ont permis de reconnaitre dans la mitochondrie normale une structure lamelleuse caracteristique, decrite par P ALADE et par SrOSTRAND, les cloisons doubles, ou cretes qui la constituent, s'appuyant exterieurement it la membrane limit ante egalement double. Dans les vacuoles, une teUe structure fait defaut, Ie contenu est homogene, et la limit ante n'a jamais qu'une epaisseur. Cependant, dans la tumefaction trouble, et vraisemblablement dans tout gonflement du chondriome, la structure interne s' estompe, les cretes diminuent en nombre et se raccourcissent, ne restant visibles qu'au contact de la limitante.

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