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By Professor Steve Walton

This booklet deals a transparent, considerate portrait of early Christian understandings of management by way of learning Paul's speech at Miletus (Acts 20.18b-35). Dr. Walton compares the image stumbled on there with Luke's presentation of Jesus' version of management and Paul's self-portrait in 1 Thessalonians. it is going to support students in contemplating Luke's portrait of Paul in Acts via delivering precious standards for opting for parallel rules, in addition to by means of exhibiting that Luke and Paul are very shut of their realizing of the way Christian leaders are to steer.

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66f ). I owe both metaphor and reference to the Revd Gillian Cooper. 2. 160 Dupont, Discours de Milet, pp. 11±21. 161 As does Schille, Apostelgeschichte, pp. 401ff, who sees Luke as being at a `nodal point' in the post-Pauline period. 165 At this stage it will suf®ce to note three particular studies. 166 Dupont catalogues the variety of views (including changes in his own view),167 before seeking criteria for a structural analysis. 168 Kilgallen also reviews suggested structures169 before proposing a fresh approach based on the use of key Greek causal terms.

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