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Examine Enough™ Command Line to Be harmful is an creation to the command line for whole newcomers, the 1st in a sequence of tutorials designed to coach the typical foundations of “computer magic” (Box 1) to as large an viewers as attainable. it's aimed either at those that paintings with software program builders and those that aspire to develop into builders themselves. not like such a lot introductions to the command line, which usually suppose a comparatively excessive point of technical sophistication, study Enough™ Command Line to Be harmful assumes no must haves except basic computing device wisdom (how to release an software, tips on how to use an internet browser, the way to contact variety, etc.). between different issues, which means it doesn’t think you know the way to take advantage of a textual content editor, or perhaps what a textual content editor is. certainly, this educational doesn’t even imagine you recognize what a command line is, so if you’re pressured by way of the name, you’re nonetheless within the correct position. eventually, no matter if you recognize easy methods to use the command line, following this educational (and doing the workouts) can help fill in any gaps on your wisdom, and can even educate you a number of new things.

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In fact, most system libraries provided by AIX are hybrid mode. 3, "Utility commands support" on page 42, utility commands that deal with object files, such as ar, dump, and nm, have been enhanced with the -X option in order to support the 64-bit XCOFF format object format. o ... rest of output is omitted on purpose ... a. If -X 32_64 is specified, the command lists both 32- and 64-bit object modules. To determine if the functions you require are provided in 64-bit, use the nm command. 1, "Building C and C++ programs with system libraries" on page 43.

Usually a function has a unique address in order to compare two function pointers to determine whether they refer to the same function. When using lazy loading to link a module, the address of a function in a lazy loaded module is not the same address computed by other modules. Programs that depend upon the comparison of function pointers should not use lazy loading. • If any modules are loaded with relative path names and if the program changes working directories, the dependent module might not be found when it needs to be loaded.

Shared A shared library refers to an ar format archive library file [11], where one or more of the archive library members is a shared object. Note that the library can also contain regular, non-shared object files, which are handled in the normal way by the linker. a on AIX. [11]An ar format archive file is a file that is created by the ar command. o: ***Object Module Header*** # Sections Symbol Ptr # Symbols Opt Hdr Len 5 0x00251764 26925 72 Flags=( EXEC DYNLOAD SHROBJ) Timestamp = "Feb 03 08:59:14 2003" Magic = 0x1df (32-bit XCOFF) Tsize 0x00171bc0 Dsize 0x00045ae0 ***Optional Header*** Bsize Tstart 0x00045bc8 0x00000000 Dstart 0x00000000 SNloader 0x0004 SNentry 0x0000 SNtext 0x0001 SNtoc 0x0002 SNdata 0x0002 TXTalign 0x0005 DATAalign 0x0003 TOC 0x00043ad0 vstamp 0x0001 entry 0xffffffff 44 Flags 0x3002 Chapter 2: Compiling and Linking Chapter 2: Compiling and Linking maxSTACK 0x00000000 maxDATA 0x00000000 SNbss 0x0003 45 magic 0x010b modtype RE The magic number of the file is used by the linker to determine whether the file is valid object file or not.

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