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By Michael Hartl

Learn Enough™ Git to Be Dangerous is the ultimate installment in a trilogy of
tutorials on developer basics designed to educate 3 talents crucial for
software builders and those that paintings with them. Its purely must haves are
the first tutorials within the trilogy, Learn Enough™ Command Line to Be Dangerous
(covering the Unix command line) and Learn Enough™ textual content Editor to
Be Dangerous
(covering textual content editors). This educational covers a 3rd crucial skill:
version keep watch over. As with its predecessors, Learn Enough™ Git to Be Dangerous
doesn’t even imagine you’re acquainted with the class of application,
so if you’re not sure approximately what “version control” is, you’re within the correct place.
Even while you are already acquainted with the topic, it’s most probably you’ll nonetheless examine a
lot from this instructional. both manner, studying the fabric in Learn Enough™ Git
to Be Dangerous
prepares you for the opposite Learn Enough™ tutorials while
enabling an stunning number of applications—including a unique surprise
bonus on the end.

NB: this can be a joint-KF8 dossier, with either 'old' MOBI and 'new' KF8/AZW3 in a single dossier, as published through the author.

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